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Exploring astrology, art, music, performance, culture, magic, ecology, technology, spirit engagement, and mythology. The sky and the earth, the living and the dead, the gross and the subtle.

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    JM Hamade- discussing art, images, the imaginal, magic, and the Moon

    We welcome artist and magical practitioner JM Hamade to join me and astrologer Elodie St-Onge Aubut in an ongoing discussion about the cross of creativity, the imagination, the spirit world, the post mortem state, art, aesthetic philosophy, image making, and lunar astrology.

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    August 2019 Astrological Forecast

    We go over Augusts transits and configurations which enjoy an eclipse free lunation and an abundance of planets in fire signs.

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    July 2019 Herbal Forecast

    Herbalist Suzanne Stone joins us to discuss her suggested plant allies for July 2019's astrology

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    July 2019 Astrological Forecast

    July 2019 Astrological forecast where we discuss this summer's eclipses, Mercury's retrograde and more

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    June Forecast 2019

    A break down and discussion of June's action packed aspects

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    Mallorie Vaudoise -part 2

    The continuation of our conversation with Mallorie Vaudoise where we touch on tarantismo, tarantelle, Zar, cazimi fetishes, 72 roster neapolitan nativity scenes, and much more!

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    Liminal Light-- October Forecast 2018-- feat -Mallorie Vaudoise

    The absolutely brilliant Mallorie Vaudoise, author of the Italian Folk Magic blog joins us to discuss the October forecast, magical angles on Venus retrograde, her work, Tarantella, Tarantismo, and approaching Catholicism through the senses.

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    Alec K. Redfearn part 2 9/2018

    Our continuing conversation with musician and occultist Alec K. Redfearn of Alec K. Redfearn & the Eyesores.

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    Liminal Light September Forecast-- feat Alec K Redfearn

    This month we have Alec K. Redfearn with us discussing the new Eyesores record, sigilization, catholicism, nightshade berries, the magical revival, and more. He also is responsible for the synthesizer background sounds.

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    M. E Scott, part 2, 8-2018

    Amazing conversation with M. E Scott in the wake of St. Martha's feast. We could have talked perpetually, so she will definitely be back on the show. Many gems here.

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    Liminal Light Forecast August 2018-- feat M.E. Scott

    This month we speak with M. E Scott; poet, photographer, curator, goetic magician and fashion icon. We discuss the current astrology as well as cryptocurrency, poetry, magic, fashion, and catholicism. Find Elizabeth at:

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    V Manuscript-- part 2, 7/18

    V Manuscript returns to continue our conversations about his work. We talk about the nature of the "parsed unit" versus the smooth plane, Mercury vs. Neptune and the Piscean process, diminishing triangles of the PGM, working in 4D, holographic reality and holomovement, unfolding the spectrum of light, the fakeness of numbers and reality of numerals, chakras, techno, noise and more.

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    Liminal Light -- July 2018 - feat V Manuscript

    For July's (2018) forecast we speak with musician, performer, poet and talismanic scriptomancer V Manuscript, half of HumanBeast. This month includes Mars retrograde in Aquarius, a turbulent Lunar eclipse, to which we harken back to the turn of the millennium and to the avant garde emersion of 1971. V Manuscript supplies an enchanting synthesizer score.

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